Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Maternity Leave

I try to hide how I feel because life has to go on. But you can't help to think that there was once a little angel inside you, right? My last ultrasound showed that she's now really gone (yes, it was a "she" but don't ask me how I know because you'll laugh). She stayed with me for almost two months, you know.

Under our laws, miscarriage is covered by maternity/paternity leave as long as it is established that there was really a fetus, and not just a blighted ovum. There's a difference. At work I had to fill up the leave form and attach my last ultrasound report as proof in lieu of a medical certificate because it wasn't available yet. 2 weeks after, I submitted the required certificate. I also had to accomplished a page-long clearance. Since I wasn't here anymore, I asked a co-worker to have it signed for me.

As to the salary, I get paid every payday and still recieve the "extras" as usual. However, where I work, you can request for you 2-months worth of salary to be in a voucher so you can recieve it as a whole. You can use this bulk of cash to pay medical bills, etc.

'll be going back to work on the 29th of this month.