Sunday, August 19, 2007


I graduated from college at 19. My sister at 18, finished her master's degree by 22, and is now a 2nd year medical student. Our parents put us to school at quite an early age even when we would just be "saling pusa" to our older cousins. I'm planning to put Hiro to school early too ---- at 3 years. Hubby thinks it's too early, but hey, all I want is for him to start interacting with other kids. Besides, he has been with Gymboree since he was 15 months old and seems to be doing well. He likes going to "school" so much that he looks for it everytime he's on vacation at my parents'.

Recently we enrolled him at Southville pre-school. He's the youngest there. But it's okay.

I didn't want him to be shocked from the change so we prepared him for it. Kinda. He was excited as we were.

First day of school. He enjoyed it so much and was quite independent, much to my surprise.
He climbed down the car and didn't even wait for his yaya. I imagined him to turn back and look at me but he didn't. Separation anxiety? I don't think I felt it. Well, a bit maybe. I'm just glad the transition went smoothly :)

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