Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Home with the flue etcetera

Last Thursday I came home sick with a fever. It was a good thing I've earned quite a sum of sick leave (SL) credits and used one up for Friday.....I stayed home.....with a slight fever, a terrible sore throat, and clogged nose.

Since mommy was home, Hiro, naturally wanted to play with me everytime he had the chance. It was hard to stay away from him. Good thing my sister spent the weekend with us. Hiro totally forgets mommy when his tita Joy is around. Daddy arrived in Manila Sunday morning and since I was feeling better already, I drove my sister to her condo and brought Hiro and Hal with me. I know daddy missed his grandson. We stayed for an hour.

I put Hiro to sleep that night.

Monday, I still had the flu and a bit of sore throat but since I could handle it, i reported for work. When I woke up from lunchtime nap, symtoms of conjunctivitis (sore eyes) started appearing. At 2pm I went to the clinic and Dr. Manuel put some drops. The redness immediately disappeared so she said it might probably be just an infection. She told me to return at 4pm. Come 4pm, the redness and "muta" (what do you call it in english?) returned. I went back to the clinic and Dr. Manuel gave me the drops for conjunctivitis. By that time she said it looks like I have sore eyes and advised me that even if I continue with the medicine throughout the night and it still doesn't disappear, then I should not go to work.

Tuesday, I did not go to work. At night my OTHER eye caught up.

Wednesday (today), I'm still home.

That's three straight days of being away from my son. I cannot hug him. I cannot touch him. He send me flying kissed all the time, which is sweet. When someone at home is sick. He knows to stay away. But when he hears me, he starts shouting "Yehey! mommy's well already!". And that instantly breaks your heart.

I do not want to get him infected. I continue with my medicines as well as the eye drops. I constantly alcohol my hands to disinfect it whenever I go to the room. Hal puts him to sleep at night. I sleep in the living room. Alone.

So near yet so far.

P.S. However, if I do have sore eyes, why aren't they red? Today, they were just swollen with little "muta" (what do you really call it?)

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