Sunday, March 9, 2008

A rare kind of yummy :)

WARNING! Not for the faint hearted!

up close......

These, my friends, are not larvae of caterpillars or what have you. These are what Ilocanos call "Bu-os" (spelling?). They are eggs of giant red ants and are very very delish! You saute them with ginger and tomatoes. Yum!

They look yucky, right?

That was my first impression. Would you believe, I have only eaten them FOR THE FIRST TIME last summer?!!!! And it has gotten me hooked! They taste good pala!

These things are seasonal and you have to be an expert in picking the right ones off the tree and in the market. They get spoiled too, so be careful.

Daddy was able to get me some from the farm when I went home last Thursday. I'm cooking a batch tonight :)

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