Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Good heavens Meralco must be rejoicing from this heat!!! It's so dreadful! You can't help but have the air conditioning on ALL day! In my case, there's really no choice. I have a little boy at home and I want him to be comfortable. 3 electric fans just won't work!!!!! Especially at night when I want him to have a good night's sleep.....and us too.

And then the morning comes, I get out of the room and it seems as if I'm getting suffocated with the heat that just greets you. Gone are the days when I'd ask ate to heat hot water for my bath. Once outside, okay, tolerable. Almost. Good thing about airconditioned transport. And then there's the office. Good thing I don't go out. I'd surely die from the heat!

People sometimes ask why I go to work so early. This is the reason. Our weather. You see, there's no traffic, the air still (a bit) cooler, and you get to warm up once there.

It really is a big big difference when you leave for work at, about 8 am, which happened to me today. I had a meeting in the RD in QC at 9am (I live in the south). I left the house at 730. The weather outside was starting to get unbearable and traffic was starting to creep up the highways. I made it to my meeting, finished on time for my next meeting in Ortigas, which also, surprisingly ended early, then I had to travel all the way to Manila, where I had to do some stuff at the SC. That was about 11am and the sun was scorching! My business there required me to go from one building to another through an interconnecting pathway (they call it "skywalk", i think). I saw a few friends from way back in law school. Did a little chit-chatting, exchange of numbers...etc.

Talk about the heat! Anyway, my only consolation was that Robinson's was just across the street and I could window shop (or perhaps buy a few things) later on.

Anyway, I finished what I went there for, had lunch at Kaya, went straight to Nine West then to Mango. Hay. That was relaxing.

Should I show HK what I bought? Maybe not. I'll just wait for him to notice. :)

1:30, not much to go to, so I headed for home. Still a hottttttttttttt afternoon.

Although..........no better way to end it than seeing the "cuteness" of my little boy taking his afternoon nap (and the cool room too).

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