Saturday, April 14, 2007

The new city

I've been hearing quite alot about Fort Bonifacio the past few days so darling HK and I decided to see what the hype was all about.

HK picked me up from my office in Ortigas and decided to take the EDSA route. He was hungry so we headed first to Serendra. Note to self: when heading to Serendra, take c-5 because it's right across Market! Market!

So we parked at the Bonifacio High Street parking spaces. We didn't know Serendra had one in the basement.

I found the buildings quite homey. The structures (or should I say sculptures) are magnificent. little H will surely love all those water fountains. The restaurants there look good. But since my cousin invited us over for dinner, we opted for Mary Grace cafe were I had peppermint hot choco and HK had the (grilled?) beef-something sandwich and extra potato chips. We sat outside since the place was already full. It was like sitting in a cafe in Paris. What impressed me the most was that the chairs had the "antique" design so reminiscent of my childhood days at my lola's house in the province. I'm not sure if they were made to look that antique or were bought at some antique shop here in Manila or in Vigan. Anyway, they looked like the real thing.

The food was good. But the weather was humid. It was a good thing they had fans installed in the ceilings.

HK headed for A Different Bookstore while I tried to look around for an ATM. I found one just around the corner. And I think it's the ONLY one in the whole place! Talk about the line waiting outside! Not worth it....especially since it was so hot even at 5pm!

I walked around somemore then joined HK at the bookstore.

While there my sister called me up to say that she passed all her subjects at med school. Yahoo! Congratulations! 4 more years! Keep it up!

Anyway, it was already 630 and we had to leave. We crossed to High Street. I didn't realize that stores were already open there! And there was the usual Starbucks and Figaro. Hmmm. Nice place to go to sometime.

I didn't take pictures because my phone's battery died already. Didn't charge it the night before. tsk! tsk! tsk!

A lot has changed since the fort was privatized. I remember when "The Fort Strip" was the only place to go to for gimiks. And that was when I was a freshman law student. We'd go relax every friday night.

As for Serendra, it's a nice place to live in.....IF you're single and still up for night life. I don't think you can raise a family with all the blaring music coming from the bars and restaurants on the first floor and across.............

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