Thursday, April 12, 2007

why the color purple?

the origins of my being drawn to this color stems from two things: Lisa Frank ....i especially loved the unicorn, and Sweet Valley Twins (and High) collection of pocketbooks. i was in elementary school. A SVT afficionado would not forget "The Unicorn Club" whose color of choice was purple. Okay, so it was mainly the unicorn and purple. SVT explained that the color represents royalty.

I've always believed that purple represents mystery and magic.

Coincidentally also, I was born in the year of the horse!!!! So i guess there goes my addiction to collecting anything that has a unicorn on it, especially if it has some purple color.

year of the horse + unicorn + purple = magic and mystery (nice huh?)

why a blog?

share some thoughts...........on fashion, brands, shopping, as a mother to little Hiroshi, a wife, a young lawyer.......a girl who never seemed to grow up.

Yes, it seems as if I never grew up. People keep telling me I don't look like a married woman....

I ask "WHY? What's a married woman supposed to look like or act like anyway?"

I'm not going to "permit" myself "look" matronly, for sure. hehehe

My mom's 60+ and people still think she looks like she's in her late 40s. She's never had cosmetic surgery.

sooo..........this is a part of me.


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