Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Green-eyed monster at Friendster

Omigod. O-M-I-G-O-D.

I rarely open my Friendster account, and when I do, I am always greeted by the warm smiley faces of people from high school, college, law school and plain acquiantances. Thanks to Friendster, we finally meet up once more. Then there are these groups from school, clubs, etc. who want to be your friend. So you know, AND understand that when you see someone you haven't seen or talked to in a while, you get so excited to send them a message and do the regular pleasantries of "how are you?", "what have you been up to?" and things like that.

So when I saw that my ex's (he's one of my contacts from way back 2003) profile was updated with pictures of a baby girl, I got so excited that I sent him a message congratulating him and his wife (?) and how happy I am for him to be finally out of his I-want-to-be-single-and-experience-all-the-boy-stuff stage. This was a sincere congratulatory-i'm-so-happy-for-you message and no other. That was like, a couple of months ago. So ex responded, of course and we exchanged mommyhood and daddyhood stories over two months with just about 3 message exchanges. Approximately 3. So I wasn't surprised that when I openned my Inbox this morning, there was a message from his account. And get this. This message was:

"Stop annoying us Bitch."


So there's no question who that message came from. Geez. How was I supposed to know that wifey was the jealous type?!!!? Okay, I understand that it's always the inital reaction of a girl when the ex keeps in touch, but hey, my profile shows that I'm married, my photos are all that of my darling little boy. And besides, the message exchange was all about "how are you" and "congratulations" things. I didn't expect this as another ex also keeps in touch once in a while and I don't get the same treatment from his wife.

Good god woman! I'm a happily married wife and mother and professional and I've got everything going for me.

That's insulting!

Talk about insecurity.


I already deleted ex from my list of contacts.

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