Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trinoma, is it? (part 2)

Work overload.......

Nevermind that.

Anyway, going back to my Trinoma experience.

We met dad for lunch at Kamay Kainan for his buffet fix. It was near the "entrance" with the fountains just outside the resto which made it better for my boy to be entertained. Over lunch, we decided to head South to Robinson's Place, Malate. It used to be a regular place to visit but when my sister started med school and then I got married, they frequented the malls up north more often, and I on the south. Besides, it was still too early to go home.

Robinson's Place felt more like home. My parents were much more familiar with the place, and inspite of its odd "L" shape, Dad had gotten used to it. And with mom, well, as long as Rustan's was there, I wasn't a problem. Unlike before, though, there were more people, and the tiangges in the middle have sprouted like weeds which made the ground floor more crowded and narrow. After merienda at Delifrance, we went home. It was 5pm.

So, what did I think of Trinoma?

Two stars. Five being the highest.

The place was humongous. Too many alleys (or hallways?). The interior is too intricate. It's like Shangri-la, Glorietta, and MOA rolled into one. Yuck.

As for Gymboree, it's too small. Way to small. And the play area has an odd shape. Maybe I've gotten used to the spacious play area at Alabang and Shangri-la.

Will I go back?

Just to check out the Stores Specialists section at the 3rd (?) floor.

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