Friday, August 31, 2007

TRINOMA, is it? (1st of 2 parts)

After the never-ending gush of my uncle and aunt over the new Trinoma mall in Quezon City, dad finally decided to go check it out. Since I, too was curious, I brought Anton and Leah with me. So much has been said about this new mall. Mostly good reviews. I don't think I've ever read or heard anything to the contrary. Maybe this will be it (?)

From my sister's place we took Espana, Quezon Ave. then made a U-turn to West Avenue. We see SM City (ooohhhh memories of my childhood), then I notice that the mrt rail starts to end. To my right I see a H-U-G-E structure. You need not guess. That's Trinoma. From West Avenue, we cross EDSA to turn right to North Avenue. My first thought is: "Where is the entrance?" It's a good thing my sister's driver is familiar with the place. He makes a right turn, which I think is in front of Mindanao Avenue, towards the building's "entrance" which looks like the entrance to the parking spaces. Well, yes, in a way.

We make a stop in front of some restaurants: Chicken Inasal, Congo Grill and North Park, then go up the escalator. O-kay. This is the entrance? Hmmm. Doors open at the top leading inside.Upon entering, we decide where to head. You are lead to a fork-like path. You go straight to the center of the mall (similar to Glorietta), or you turn left or right where there are several escalators leading to the floor above (or below)similar to that of Shangri-la.

Most of the stores on the first floor are already open. We decide to go right. Dad tells us to meet for lunch at Super Bowl, then goes his way. My sister heads off to starbucks. So, its now just my mom and I with Anton and manang. It's Sunday. It's 10 in the morning and the place is jam-packed with people! It as if there's a weekend sale or something. Okay lang. Maybe it's because the mall is connected to the MRT (just like Shangri-la) that's why. We browse around, my mom enters Crossings, Anton starts to warm up to the place.

We're half-way through the shops downstairs when my mom suggests we check out the second floor. The stores here are more upscale than the first. Most of them not open yet. By this time, it's starts to get frustrating. Half-way through we move to the third floor.

We see the Stores Specialists sign over at the other end. Yahoo. Anton gets all excited because the kiddies' section is also in this floor. And guess what?!! Gymboree is here too! We follow Anton through the narrow hallway (Yes, I find it very narrow). A class is ongoing by the time we get there, so we had to wait. Mom goes around the shops that are open, among them Lacoste, Liz Claiborne and some others I do not recall. There's not much to see at the third floor. Most of the shops open there are for the kiddies.

My phone rings. It's dad. It's only 11am.

You can guess. be continued.

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