Monday, August 20, 2007

The BEST stretchmark lotion EVER!

OOHHHHH!!!! I just have to post this!

I came across the Palmer's website and I couldn't help but wonder at how much products they have!!!! Two years ago I only knew of their cocoa butter cream which is designed to prevent stretchmarks.

Well, anyway, mothers-to-be MUST try their cocoa butter cream because it REALLY does prevent stretchmarks brought about by the growing belly! My tita from Canada gave me two tubes when I was 5 months pregnant. I used it liberally 3 times a day even after I gave birth until my son was almost a year old! I kept ordering from abroad everytime I ran out of stock.

Voila!!!!! No stretchmarks! Yay!

Oh do try their products! I was so happy to know that they're now available locally. I've seen a bunch of them in Health and Beauty, Watson's and Rustan's Essenses.

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