Sunday, October 28, 2007

A birthday dinner

One thing I like best is fine dining. So when my husband brought me to La Guernica (Adriatico circle) for Christmas in 2003 (we were still dating), I knew that were shared the same passion.

Fast track to our first wedding anniversary in 2006. He took me to The French Corner at Westgate Alabang for dinner. Immediately, we fell in love with the place. The service was exceptional and the food was very very very good! From that time on, we sort of made this restaurant "our" place.

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Tonight was our fourth visit. This time it was our birthday dinner. For starters Hal had the Prawn Bisque and mine was the Pumpkin-Carrot soup. I just love pumpkin soup. I really wanted to try this because it was the first time I've seen it in the menu. While waiting we were served with the complimentary bread basket with butter and the best salsa I've ever tasted! We didn't have to wait long for the food to be served. The soup was very very good. Hal says that his soup reminded him of the crab fat he abhors, but this one was cooked so well that he finished it all.

Next came our main course. Hal ordered the Lamb Rack "Herb de Provence", medium rare. I got the Marinated Lamb Chops. Since my last encounter with lamb in 1999 was terrible, I had mine medium well. I decided to finally face my fear of eating lamb meat after so many years.

They finally came.

Lamb Rack "Herb de Provence"
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I waited for Hal to take the first bite.

He melted in his chair.

I asked: "How does it taste?".

He answers: "Like heaven! That's the first word that comes to me."

Then he goes: "It's like saying: Where have you been all my life, you lamb, you!".

So it's THAT good.

I try mine.

Marinated Lamb Chops

It's THAT good! Heaven.

The meat is very very tender and it still is very juicy. My order came with some mixed greens, and an herb rice, I think. I didn't concentrate on them too much because my attention was on the lamb. I can still taste its richness. I can still feel its tenderness. I'm not going to stray away from this meat from now on. Silence descends upon us as we finish our dinner. Across me I see a very satisfied face. Hal finishes off his plate as I am still half way through mine. His lamb rack came with baked potato and some mixed greens. He gave me a slice of the lamb but, for me, it was to herb-y (is there such a word?). He loved it though, and that's whats important.

We were too full to have dessert. We were about to ask for the bill when suddenly staff greets us with a "happy birthday" song. They placed the cake on the table. On top were two candles (pink and blue) and it was garnished with strawberry and sugared grapes. This was a chocolate mouse cake. Yummy! So we didn't leave yet. :)

our birthday cake

Hal and I have tried most of the fine dining restaurants in Manila. You can always say "to each his own" but I don't think there will ever be one as good as this.

The first time we were here, Hal told me that he's taking Hiro there when he grows up.

Will this be "their" restaurant the same way "La Guernica" was Hal and his dad's?

Only time will tell. Hopefully, it will be there when that time comes.

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