Friday, February 8, 2008

Motherhood woes (part 1)

Hiro fell asleep while watching "A Bug's Life" last night. It was 10:30pm.

He has not been feeling well the past two days. Yesterday his poop was all watery and he had "kabag". We were worried he might get dehydrated so Hal bought Gatorade. Hiro doesn't like the taste of pedialyte, so his pedia suggested that Gatorade is just as good. He has no fever, no insect (mosquito) bites, so we don't know where this is coming from.

For his kabag I rubbed salt on Juthropa (Filipino term: Tuba-tuba) leaves, placed them in his stomach, and wrapped them up with a cloth diaper.

Traditional approach? Yeah, I'm up for it. Why not? I'm of Ilocano descent andeventhough my families are in the medical field, I still believe in these things. It worked for Hiro before. It may work again.

30 minutes later, he woke up and started fiddling around with his back. Apparently, the leaves and the salt irritated him I had to remove them. He woke up again at 2am complaining of a "painful tummy. mommy, massage. put oil please". So i massaged his stomach until he fell asleep only to wake up again wanting to poop.......he held my hand the whole time. As I sat beside him he said: : mommy, I hold your hand. I stay next to mommy".

That's what happened the whole night. Now, I'm back at work. Surprisingly, I don't feel tired or cranky. I just feel worried for my little boy. During times like this I want to be with him all day, hug him when he feels bad, kiss him when he cries, smile and laugh at his jokes. I want to hold his hand when he says "mommy come" or "mommy join". I want him to see me as he wakes from his nap. I just want to be there to show him that inspite of what he's feeling, everything's going to be fine.


And to think next week will be his scheduled operation at Asian Hospital.

But that's another story.

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