Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Motherhood woes (part 2)

Hiro has been well the past 3 days already. Thank God! Last week we were able to get clearance from his pedia and the anesthesiology department. It was important that he didn't get sick at least three days before the operation, otherwise, they will have to give another set of clearance (read: lab exams, UGH!). So far so good. Tonight we will be "checking-in". The operation is an out-patient procedure but he will have to undergo 6 hours of fasting. We decided that he'll do the fasting at the hospital, meaning: I.V. :(

SIX HOURS?!!!!!! For a two-year-old, that's hard, especially with Hiro.

I hope all goes well. Please help us pray for a successful operation.

He was hospitalized for dengue before.

It's painful to have to go through this again......

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